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We are offering you a brand new website or a redesigned existing website for the cost of a marketing campaign.  Let’s be honest, you can have a website, but unless you have a marketing campaign pushing it, it’s just another website on the internet with over 1 billion websites.

Our offer is to take the cost you would spend on this new web presence and put it straight into a marketing campaign.  You might think your website will cost thousands of dollars and you can’t afford this, but we will break your costs into a maximum of $500 monthly until you reach the proposed cost.  If we offer to build a website that costs $2,500, once we’re finished and have the website live, we’ll start billing you $500 monthly until that $2,500 is spent in marketing, leaving the cost of your website absolutely nothing since it is all spent in marketing, which is the most important aspect of having a website.

Why are we making this offer?  It’s simple.  We want to show you how effective our marketing is and once we show you how good we are, you’ll continue your marketing long after the initial agreement is completed.  We have customers that have trusted us for 15+ years and say we’re always part of their ongoing business plan.  We want you to be one of those customers that rely on us for your continued success online.

What happens if you decide to move on in another direction after the initial agreement is fulfilled?  Also a simple answer.  While we’d hate to see you go, the website is yours and you do with it as you please.  Many companies will hold your website hostage for a crazy payment to own it, but that’s just wrong and we will not do that.   We will wish you the best of luck and be here if you decide to come back.

If this sounds like an awesome deal you can’t pass up, fill out the form to the right and we will get back to you.  We can answer questions over email or we can setup a time to talk on the phone.

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