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As time marches on, web design and technology continually make giant strides toward simplicity and better user experiences. While there are current trends in web design that will be around for a long time to come, others won’t exist in as little as a year from now. These are just a few of the current and future trends for web design, as well as ones that have already made their way out.

Current Trends

Responsive design is argued to be one of the most influential trends in web design to date, and there are plenty of reasons why. Responsive design creates a more flexible user experience for website visitors, regardless of the platforms they’re viewing from It’s predicted that responsive design will continue to stick around for a long time to come.

Right now, simplicity is also a monumental trend. Websites that utilize large, vibrant backgrounds behind minimal overlay content are very popular. Additionally, transparent/ghost buttons are being used heavily in conjunction with these types of sites due to their flexibility.

Websites with card/tile layouts are quite a hit at this point in time. Pinterest is a vast online presence that utilizes this layout, and many more entities are beginning to adopt it. It promotes better organization of content, and it enhances the user’s ability to quickly scan through information.

Growing Trends

Typography is already a valuable asset to any website, but it will only continue to grow in popularity as 2015 marches on. At one time, typography set kits were expensive to purchase, but they have become more affordable with time. This type of design element adds personality to a website, something that is extremely important right now.

Clicking is being replaced, at a surprisingly rapid rate, with scrolling. Rather than clicking to move from area to area on a website, a user can simply scroll to move onto new content. Many websites have already adapted this navigation process, and it’s only expected that many more will do the same in the near future.

Businesses are also beginning to show off their products in new, ground-breaking ways. Some products can now be viewed in interactive, 3D experiences rather than from just a single, stationary image. Users can rotate and zoom in on these virtual product displays to get a better idea about what they’re purchasing.

Simplicity will also continue to become more prominent across the web. Non-essential design elements and content are being left behind to create a more straightforward user experience.

Worn Out Trends

You might recognize some of these trends from the past, and you might also realize that they’re not implemented so commonly anymore. Trends that have essentially made their way out include:

  • Web 2.0 design elements. Glossy buttons, flashy icons, and heavy use of texture are all a thing of the past.
  • Hit counters. Hit counters have been ditched for back end analyrics. Analytics tools have proven to be much more accurate and powerful.
  • Ribbon text. Text over ribbon graphics quickly became a worn out design concept.
  • Text-heavy content. We aren’t seeing many websites with a lot of text these days. Web designers are going for simplicity and usability these days.

Because web design trends are constantly evolving, you need a web designer in Dallas who fully understands that. Any Dallas web design agency that uses outdated tactics and strategies to build websites is only setting their clients up for disappointment. Stay ahead of the trends by working with the best web designer in Dallas. We think our projects, clients, and experience speak for themselves when we say we’re the best in what Dallas web design has to offer.

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