How Do I Find My Best Keywords?

SEO Keywords

Having the best keywords is an absolute must in today’s competitive market. Keywords are the life of your business website, and they will decide whether anyone visits your page and how often you get organic traffic. To understand how you get the best keywords, you have to under what the term “best” means as it relates to keywords. Then you can take steps toward finding them. Here’s some more information about that concept.

What Are Good Keywords?

As you already know, keywords are words that are relevant to your website. They tell people what your website is about, what they can find there, what you have to offer and et cetera. Good ones are ones that are relevant to your company or your product. Let’s look at an example using a shoe company. Out of the two keywords “shoes” and “feet,” the term shoes is better because it’s more relevant to what the business sells. Feet wouldn’t even be considered a good keyword because no one Google’s feet to find shoes. Footwear perhaps, but not feet. So while the term “feet” is sort of relevant to shoes, it’s not going to bring any traffic to shoe company’s website.

What Is Best vs. Good?

Shoes is a “good” keyword, but the best keyword phrase may be something like “walking shoes” because it’s more specific and for people who are looking for that particular type of shoes. The best keywords are the ones that will bring people to your product or service swiftly. The best keywords are also placed strategically to enhance your traffic and your sales. An SEO expert is a person who can help to make sure that you have good keywords as well as the best keywords. Such a company can create a list of powerfully relevant words and phrases and then implement those words and phrases in a strategic fashion.

How Do You Find the Best Keywords

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